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view suspended user’s acct size and reason

Use this to output a human readable list of suspended cPanel users. Helpful when performing disk reclamations, outputs an available suspension reason along with size of the account:

# cd /var/cpanel/suspended
# for i in * ; do echo -n "$i - "; cat $i ; echo -n " ### suspension date: `ls -la $i | cut -d' ' -f 6-8`" ; echo -n ' ' ; echo -n ' ### account size: ' ; du -sh /home/$i ; done

Will return an output such as:

user56 – moved ### suspension date: Nov 18 11:48 ### account size: 5.1G /home/user56
user57 – moved ### suspension date: Nov 18 11:48 ### account size: 3.0G /home/user57

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