inside the mind of a linux admin offers legacy KSplice protection

Unhackable Security is a Linux security consulting firm specializing in a wide array of technologies and proven practices which make your server virtually unhackable.

Ksplice is an extension of the Linux kernel which allows system administrators to apply security patches to a running kernel without having to reboot the operating system. Ksplice takes as input a unified diff and the original kernel source code, and it updates the running kernel in memory.

Last year Oracle went on an acquisition spree, and jumped on the opportunity to buy out KSplice’s technology. That’s great for their distribution, but not for the rest of the Linux community who already have a Linux version preference and have built dependencies around it.

Unhackable Security is authorized to purchase an unlimited amount of KSplice licenses under a legacy agreement established prior to the acquisition. This allows us the unique ability to be able to offer clients KSplice protection for ALL of your servers that run virtually any of the originally supported Linux versions.

For more information, visit Unhackable Security‘s website.

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