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Domain Details 2.5 Firefox Plugin


Monday, August 24, 2009

firefox plugins

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Yet another plugin I wouldn’t be able to live without… It displays Server Type, Headers, IP Address, Location Flag, and links to Whois Reports — Great for troubleshooting and diagnosing DNS propagation issues. Shows you which server is loading the page you’re viewing, which helps keep you sane when diagnosing users that just changed their DNS delegation and expect their website to appear.

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Mozilla Firefox 12 released, upgrade your Ubuntu today “unofficially”


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

firefox plugins, ubuntu linux

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Mozilla Firefox 12 has not yet been released, it is in Beta state at the moment, but it will bring features such as the ability to paste URLs in the download manager window, line numbers for the Page Source viewer, the title attribute supports line breaks, Find in Page improvemens to center search results, added […]

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Firefox 9 Released – How to install on Ubuntu

Firefox 9 is now available — but unlike its previous rapid release forebears where not a lot changed, a huge feature has landed with the new version: the JavaScript engine now has type inference enabled. This simple switch has resulted in a 20-30% JS execution speed increase (PDF), putting JaegerMonkey back in line with Chrome’s […]

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