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Yes folks, Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) is here!


Friday, April 30, 2010

ubuntu linux

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Yes folks, Ubuntu 10.04 is here. It’s suppose to be noticeably faster than 9.10, on any system. I’ve tested it on almost every device I have, from netbooks, to notebooks, to desktops, and high end servers. Two words: It’s awesome. Along with many new features, including a “Me Menu” and Ubuntu Software Center 2.0. Also included is a music store, “Ubuntu One Music Store”. It also marks the first time GIMP does not come preinstalled. Three versions are available, Desktop, Netbook, and LTS(Long Term Support). You may want to torrent the ISO, as Ubuntu’s servers have been stressed with the overwhelming demand over the last 48 hours!

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