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parkwrapper errors

If you are getting this error or something similar when trying to make any changes to domains or subdomains, the most common reasons and fixes are given below.

Error from domain wrapper: is owned by another user.


Error from domain wrapper: Domain already exists, it was not added.

This typically happens when for one of several reasons:

  • cPanel didn’t remove the domain correctly at some point
  • the domain actually already exists on another server on our network
  • there are left over files or entries for this domain that must be removed
  • 1. Remove any instances of from /var/cpanel/users/cpanel-username
    2. Run /scripts/updateuserdomains and /scripts/updateuserdatacache as root user on the server. (pre 11.26 use “rebuildcpusers”)
    3. Remove /var/named/ if the file exists (it doesn’t always)
    4. Remove the domain from /etc/userdomains (if exists)
    4. Remove the virtualhost for on /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf
    5. Remove from /etc/named.conf
    6. Remove the domain (and any .cache files) from /var/cpanel/userdata/username
    7. Rinse off, and try again. If you’re still having problems, continue on further……

    It’s likely if the above didn’t work for you that the conflict actually exists on the either one of the DNS clustering server(s), or the cluster verify server(s). Typically, this will slightly change the error to include the word “cluster” somewhere in the park wrapper error, however, this does not necessarily occur during all conflicts. The fix for this should not be attempted without assistance from a senior system administrator, or someone who is aware of how the clustering configuration works.

    First, we will want to check the hosting server’s clustering configuration. Find it’s sync’d cluster server, and check the following:

    1. Remove /var/named/ if the file exists (it doesn’t always)
    2. Remove from /etc/named.conf
    3. Check /var/cpanel/clusterqueue/* for any entries for on the hosting server
    4. Check /var/cpanel/clusterqueue/* for any entries for on the cluster server
    5. Remove any files found stuck in the queue

    Now we should have cleared out any stale files that might have been caught up and causing problems. So, lets cross our fingers and reload the name servers and sync the clusters to NS/NS2:

    # service named configtest
    # service named reload
    # /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/dnsqueue

    Now retry on the hosting server again, and it should add without errors. If not, let me know.

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