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nagios firefox plugin

This is a very handy Firefox plug-in which places a small, compact statusbar indicator of all warnings and critical events from the Nagios monitoring system. Please ensure you have the latest version of Firefox and download the plug-in below:

Nagios Firefox Plug-in nagioschecker-0.15b1.xpi 162K     [download]

After downloading the .xpi file to your desktop (or location of your preference), drag the file into any firefox window to install the plugin. Once installed, restart Firefox, and then in the extension settings dialog, simply put in our nagios URL (copy & paste from bookmarks ending in nagios/)

This plug-in is great for notifications, and can be extensively configured to filter by event type, severity, and several other factors. In addition, it also includes the default nagios sound alerts which can also be turned off or set to only play for “new” alerts, which I find very helpful to my sanity during an event.

Support for this add-on is provided by the developer at or by sending an e-mail to

Version 0.14.4 — April 28, 2009 — 159 KB

* BUGFIX: escaping service name with backslash
* INTERNAL: update maxVersion to 3.5.*

* BUGFIX: Settings dialog was not correctly displayed on some Linuxes, cancelled maxheight
* BUGFIX: Filtering services on host with scheduled downtime didn’t work
* BUGFIX: Removed useless separators in popup window headers (causing huge headers in FF3.5)
* LANG: updated translations from BabelZilla

* BUGFIX: Fixed construction status.cgi with hardcoded params after 0.14.1 bugfix.

* BUGFIX: Bad status.cgi parameters for Host problems page

– beta versions 0.13.9- released to public:
* NEW: Allowed servicegroup in status.cgi
* NEW: Regexp filtering of Information column
* BUGFIX: Freezed sometimes while showing Unknown alerts (*.properties translation bug)
* INTERNAL: rewritten tool for constructing status url with parameters
* NEW: redesigned options dialog to be smaller for using on smaller displays (netbooks etc.)
* NEW: removed buttons for edit, enable/disable and remove server in Settings dialog and context menu used instead.
* NEW: double click on server enable/disable it
* NEW: About dialog moved into Settings dialog
* BUGFIX: correct handling status url with parameters
* INTERNAL: install.rdf updated for Thunderbird 3.0 beta
* INTERNAL: install.rdf updated for Firefox 3.5 beta, minVersion 3.0
* BUGFIX: Fixed window.title bug (thanks to pplusdomain)
* BUGFIX: Little improved strange “jumping” of information in statusbar in FF 3.1
* BUGFIX: Fixed not playing sound when new hostdown/unreachable appears although option was set.
* NEW: Allowed using seconds in update interval
* FIX: filtering scheduled downtime (by moorereason)
* LANG: added zh-CN (by farmer.luo) + updated others

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  • Kuldeep Kulkarni on Monday, May 5, 2014

    This is cool!

    Nagstamon is also supercool plugin to monitor nagios alerts

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