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How to migrate a Virtuozzo VPS to OpenVZ

To migrate from Virtuozzo VPS to OpenVZ you must “rsync” root area to private area to avoid incompatibility of OpenVZ and Virtuozzo Cache Templates.

1. Create your VPS with id 3 using your desired template (for example)

# vzctl create 3 –ostemplate ubuntu-11.04-x86_64 –conf unlimited
Creating container private area (ubuntu-11.04-x86_64)
Performing postcreate actions
Saved parameters for CT 3
Container private area was created

2. Start your VPS

# vzctl start 3
Starting VPS …
VPS is mounted
Setup slm memory limit
Adding port redirection to VPS(1): 4643 8443
VPS start in progress…

3. Now on Virtuozzo we have to stop and mount VPS

# vzctl stop 3
Stopping VPS …
VPS was stopped
VPS is unmounted

# vzctl mount 3
VPS is mounted

4. Now we have to make a migration of files with Rsync to OpenVZ Node

# rsync -a -e ssh /vz/root/3 root@OpenVZ_node_IP:/vz/private/
# rsync -a -e ssh /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/3.conf root@OpenVZ_node_IP:/etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/

5. On OpenVZ System, we now start and enter on your OpenVZ node to see if migration works correctly:

# vzctl start 3
Starting VPS …
Initializing quota …
VPS is mounted
VPS start in progress…

# vzctl enter 3
entered into VPS 3

6. Success!

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1 Comment

  • Paul Groeneweg on Saturday, November 16, 2013

    Thanks for the this nice howto migrate Virtuozzo to OpenVZ!

    We had some trouble with network of VE on new machine. We removed the arp entry on old machine and network was fully reachable.

    Check (old) arp entry exists ( on new host ):
    arpsend -c 1 -w 1 -D -e [IP MIGRATED VE] eth0

    check on old host
    arp -a | grep [IP MIGRATED VE]
    Remove arp entry ( old host ):
    arp -d [IP MIGRATED VE] -i eth0

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